‘You Can’t Handle the Truth!’

You are forgiven. Completely forgiven. There’s nothing left for you to do.

The war is over.

Because of Christ’s work for you, in His faithfulness to the Father, and in His suffering and death upon that cross, ALL your wicked sins are forgiven.

No “if’s”, no “and’s”, and no…”yeah but’s”. You don’t have to add anything.

You couldn’t add anything even if you wanted to.

You are forgiven.  Because Jesus’ wants it that way.

That’s the Truth…with a capital ‘T’ and that rhymes with ‘He’ , because He has done it.  For you and to you.

Can you handle it?  This Truth of the forgiveness of sins for Jesus’ sake?  ( Not one  single “yeah but” ?)

I told you, all you old Adams and Eves out there…you can’t handle the Truth!

      A Blessed Easter to you all!

               – Steve

8 Responses

  1. sooo refreshing, Steve…i am in conversation with a pastor friend who is all about the “yeah, but…”

    I really needed to read you words today!

    Much rejoicing in Him who died for us and rose again!


  2. dannyO,

    Thanks be to God, that He loves us and died for us. Thanks be to God that none of this depends on us. For if it did…we’d be in a heap of trouble.

    Glad those words ring true in your ears Danny! What a gift!

    Your Pal-


  3. Preach it, brother! 🙂


  4. Thanks Adam!

    Have a blessed Easter!

    Your Friend,


  5. Hey, have a blessed Easter, my cousin!

    (I still love the way your website looks, it’s so pretty!!)

  6. Luciola! Che fa?!

    Mille grazie Cugina mio!

    A very blessed Easter to you, my good Lutheran, Italian, Paisan from Jersey!!!

    – Vern, er… ah…Steve (whatever)

  7. The BBC have been airing a pretty good dramatization this week in the UK (which is co-produced by HBO, so I guess it will also be shown on some channels in America). Entitled ‘The Passion’, it has done a first class job at showing the real miracle of easter – that Jesus indeed forgives us of our sins and that His whole life, death and resurrection was to do just that. What is also good about this production is that it has shown something of Christ’s humanity – that He was a person who truly loved us. Truly, these are reflections to consider on easter Sunday… Christ is Risen!

  8. I’ll keep an eye open for that one, Howard.
    That sounds like a real winner. God bless the BBC for airing that production.
    I didn’t think the BBC cared much about showing the truth of Christianity. Well, that shows you what I know.

    He is Risen, indeed!

    Blessings upon you, my Friend!

    – Steve

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