‘Luther Quote’…

” The good you do won’t save you… and the evil you do won’t condemn you.”

                             – Martin Luther


3 Responses

  1. I know a whole lot of lutherans who would be offended by Marty’s quote.

  2. Un by Marty I meant Martin Luther, not you Steve.


  3. Brian,

    You know something, Brian, I do too. (know a lot of Lutherans that don’t believe that the validity of that quote)

    So, we just keep throwing it out there (the gospel) and hope that some day it will (by God’s grace) grab a hold of them.

    That quote reall starts the old Adam a squirmin’ in his righteousness.

    Thanks for your comments Brian. God bless!

    – Steve (they used to call me Marty also, back when I was a kid playing pop warner football)

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