‘Thank you Lord, that I am not like other men.’

A friend of mine recently told me that he was doing a lot better now at not sinning than he was doing before he became a Christian.

This struck me as an odd thing to say. What would possess a Christian, who’s been freed from sin by the blood of Christ, to say something along those lines?

It seems as though his personal performance is pregnant on his mind. I hear a lot of performance based preaching these days from the mega church preachers that seem to dominate the radio waves here in Southern California.

 Is there some correlation to the preaching of the law for betterment and the notion that one could actually be improving on the ‘sins‘ scorecard?

                             – Steve

3 Responses

  1. Well.. after you receive Christ as Saviour you must make Him Lord!
    You just can’t stay the same as before. You must exhibit the fruits of the Spirit or else you will prove that you have a said faith instead of a real faith.
    At least that’s what I hear from the Bible answer guys and the pastor at the Costa Mesa Chapel.

  2. The guys over at the Costa Mesa Chapel might want to listen to a good sermon on the sacraments. They might be able to benefit from knowing that Christ is at work in our lives without our help much of the time. And that He comes to us, and sanctifies us, in Word, water, bread and wine.

    Those poor folks over at the Chapel sound like they could really use a good rest.

    Let’s remember them in our prayers.

    Thanks tickman.

    – Steve

  3. A book that has been helpful of late on this idea is The Beautiful Fight by Gary Thomas. You can search my blog for posts about Gary–helped me to understand what he calls the “God-empowered life.”

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