“Jesus spins me round, round…”?

I made it to the 1:50 mark. Can you beat that?


There are lesser (we hope) versions of this going on in BIG “churches” all across America.  “Lesser” doesn’t mean better.



But there are tons of smaller, traditional congregations that won’t go there. Thanks be to God.




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  1. I’d seen this once before and gagged. I didn’t even get a minute in before I said, “enough is enough.”

  2. Add: it boggles my mind that someone thinks this is actually worship.

  3. Thanks, Bill.

    I’m with you.

  4. I watched both longer, but only to be able to say that I did it. Having laid claim to the title “Most able to abuse myself still”, I’d love to know (a) who the sock God is and (b) the second video, the guy at least had a good voice – put him where he belongs, say “American Idol”? He can then get booted early…

  5. Very good, Rick.

    You hold ‘the title’.

    Not sure of the sock-waver’s name. But I’ll try and find it. Pastor (Dr.) Scholl?

    • Better that than some others I could think of.

      I play guitar on a praise team at two different churches – one quite large (5K+), the other medium (800+). In the “big” church, we’ve done some funny things (parodies of old Petra tunes and current worship tunes), but we’ve never done anything quite like that first video.

      I have questioned whether some songs are appropriate in a church setting, and whether we’re bent over so far to reach people from the bar and club scene that there is little difference save the lack of alcohol and smoking (I believe we have). That being said, I believe churches that exclude modern instruments because they are not biblical miss the boat – I personally don’t care for choir/piano/organ exclusively worship services, but that is a matter of taste, much as a preference for jazz over rock. What *is* all important is the heart of the worshiper.

  6. I think I know what you mean, Rick.

    Sometimes the ‘beat’ overwhelms the message…the words that are all important.

    Our pastor (Pastor Mark) is an ex-rock pro n’ roll and blues guitarist. We use electric guitars and a bass, but they don’t take over.

    We like to think that what is all important is the heart…of Christ, for real sinners.

    But I do believe that I know what you mean.

    Thank you, friend.

    • You understand me perfectly, Steve 🙂

      BTW, I’ve added your blog to the blogroll over at my little bar and grille on the web, and am now subscribed via RSS (well, I will be once I finish responding here 🙂 )

      In the words of Arnold – “I’ll be back.” In the follow-up by me, “Yeah, but without all the guns and destruction.” 🙂

  7. Thanks, Rick!

    What’s your site’s address?

  8. Thanks, Rick.

    Just headed out the door to go to work, but I’ll check it out when I get home.

    Love that handle!

  9. Thanks for this! It really gets me thinking about what our churches are practicing…

    I am totally not a fan of either examples you chose (especially the first one… what in the world?!?!), but I am not altogether convinced that modern music can’t still be worship (even if it’s done poorly in my estimation).

    I wonder what you would think of gospel rap and other such alternative kinds of worship/praise music.

    I guess I have to ask you, is it the way the people sing and dance what you deem as “not worship”, or the style of the songs? Just curious!

  10. Hello artofbreath,

    I guess, for us, of first importance would be the words. Do they center on us, or on the work of Christ for us? Then would come the mode. Once again, is this style of song placing us at the center? Giving in to what the current fads are, or to the beat…taking us places to where the world would take us? Or does it keep us in those other-worldly qualities that will not give in to the world, but remain set apart.

    This makes it tough for people who realize the value in traditional worship (keeping us anchored in Christ centeredness) because so many today seem to have such an aversion to traditional worship.

    But what’s the alternative?

    When you start down the road of handing people back to themselves (giving them what they want or what they are used to) then it;’s awfully hard to stay anchored.

    We still, for the most part, worship much the same way that Jesus worshipped.

    Thank you, friend.

  11. Wow. Like minds. Thank You Jesus!

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