Justification by Faith



This same sermon could be preached in any Catholic church or Baptist church. Or any Reformed church, or Pentecostal church. It could even be preached in other Lutheran churches.


All that it would take is for a preacher to read and understand the Galatian letter and Paul’s intent to bring the Galatian churches back onto the rails of faith in Christ, alone, for our justification before a righteous God who demands from us nothing short of perfection.






Thank you, Pastor Mark Anderson.


And thanks to flickr and Amsterdam Asp, for the photo.


2 Responses

  1. “Are you sure you are living the way you should be living?”
    -Doubts starts to creep in.

    I’ve been there. It’s a trap.

    The problem is that most churches offer something “free” but “with strings attached” – just like most of the advertisement that we see today.

    We are saved through faith alone and not how well we can show our faithfulness. We are saved by grace alone and not how well we can explain grace. We are saved in Christ alone and not by what we do for Him.

    Thanks a lot for this resource Steve!

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