Jim Nestingen and Rod Rosenbladt

 Rod Rosenbladt | thisweconfess


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Thanks to The Wittenberg Institute http://www.wittenberginstitute.org

and youtube, for the videos.

And of course, thank you to Jim and Rod.




8 Responses

  1. Good stuff, Steve. Thanks for sharing.

  2. gittegitte,

    My pleasure, friend. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thanks, Steve – very interesting

  4. My pleasure, Trudi.

    We’ve had Jim preach and speak at our congregation a few times. He’s really fun to listen to. A real down to earth way about him. And Rod is terrific. I’ve never met him but know many who have. They all say similar things about him that people say about Jim.

  5. Hey Steve: I’m a little late in commenting here so I hope you read this. I’ve listened to some other things that you’ve posted by Jim N. I get a kick out of listening to some of his phrases and accent. I am now beginning to listen to a whole series of messages by Rod B. Have you or Pastor Mark ever heard of Steven Paulson? I just began to read his book, “Lutheran Theology”. I am very fascinated by it so far. Who knows, I may become a lutheran yet… after 62 years of life and 35 years of ministry career in calvinisic/reformed theology. Actually I’m choosing the phrase that chaplian Mike uses over on imonk. “I’m choosing to worship God and live out my faith in the teachings and traditions of lutheranism”. The past 2 years have been the most life changing, Christ centered part of my life. You lutherans are all right. Tell Pastor Mark that I read his blog every day, hope he keeps up the effort to do this. Has he started that Romans study? The book I’m reading will fit well with his classes I’m sure. God bless you bro

  6. Hi Ron,

    Good to hear from you, friend.

    Yes, we have heard of Steven Paulson. He’s a professor at Luther Seminary in St. Paul. He’s a good theologian, and a real centerist Lutheran.

    I never dreamed that I would become a Lutheran, Ron. But once you hear that liberating Word and taste that freedom that is a hallmark of Lutheranism…you can never go back (to less than that).

    I’m always happy to pass along messages to Pastor Mark. I’m sure he will appreciate your kind words and encouragement.

    We had the first class in Romans last night. I’ll try and post it asap. I just have to do a bit of editing to raise sound levels at some points in the class.

    God bless you, Ron.

    – Steve

  7. Hi Steve, I was blessed to hear these two. Pastor Jim was talking about visiting a small church in I believe he said Norwegian Apalachia? (smile) And the person who was with him asked “will I hear the Gospel”? Having just begun listening to RR teach on Galatians and i heard him say he was spending time in Portland. So my question for each…when in Portland where would they attend church? I am not in one but am going back to my childhood roots of Lutheranism, I guess. (at 65). I, like you Steve, ” hear” the Gospel more through this tradition than any other. Thanks for keeping up this site.

  8. Mary,

    Good question (where do they go to church when they are in Portland).

    I’ll ask Pastor Mark to ask Jim about that the next time he talks to him.

    And thanks again, Mary, for your encouragement!

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