Preach the Gospel, not the text -1


gerhard_forde by theologyethics

What’s a preacher to do?   Preach the text?    Or the gospel?

Even Gerhard Forde said preaching is “doing the text” to believers.

But doesn’t that work better with some texts more than others?

For example, when the lectionary has those “take up your cross” texts which presuppose that we can and must do something to make salvation work: “He who does not take up his cross and follow me is not worthy of me” (Matt 10:38).

What do you do with a text like that?

What did Forde do?

In this sermon, On Death to Self, Forde preaches the gospel even though he is preaching about “dying to self,” and “taking up your cross.”



From the CrossAlone Lutheran District web site.




Thank you, CrossAlone.

Thanks to flickr and theologyethics, for the photo.







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  1. Thank you, I’ve downloaded the article for later. The beauty about grace is that we do not find scripture say that we must do x y and z to be saved–we can’t and shall never boast thereof! It is God alone who saves. However the sweet Word does tell us what will transpire after such a wondrous work of God has wrought its change in us! Blessings!

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