Sanctification, and the work of the Holy Spirit

Welcome On Board ! by hagerstenguy

This is the second part to the first part.  The party of the first part will part immediately after the part about the last part.

As a goodwill gesture on my part I have decided to allow everyone access to this second part except Lutherans, and non-Lutherans.


What exactly is your role in sanctification?


You tell me… (that’s me on the right)

..OK… no more monkeying around…


 click here > Sanctification, and the Holy Spirit

                           (only 15 minutes long – in case you have a pie in the oven)


Thanks to Pastor Mark and all who participated in the class.
And thanks to each of you for whatever it is that you are doing to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and the freedom that He has so dearly won for us on the cross.
Thanks to flickr and Hagerstenguy for the photo.