Here is the problem…

Day 139: To be embalmed by ansy


Now…just what will your little, moralistic, religious, good works, “keeping the Commandments as best I can” project do about that?

Absolutely nothing. That’s what.

In fact, your little project of ‘doing’ is exactly what’s going to take you to the place where they put that tag on your toe. And I’m going there right along with you, for my doings.

Christ Jesus is the only one who can give you life, when you need it again. And He won’t be looking at anything you’ve done for help. In fact, He has promised to give forgiveness and eternal life to all that belong to Him…in spite of all that we have done (“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”) And this He does for us…everyday! (we need it everyday…do we not?)

Sorry (not really) to throw a monkeywrench into your pietistic escalator of self-justification. It’s time you jumped off that thing, anyway.

Trust in the One who has done it all for you. Who is doing it all for you. Who will yet do it all for you. Trust in Him…ALONE. What…. He’s not good enough for you?

And the chorus from the Roman Catholic/Baptist/ Calvinist/ Pentecostal/ Evangelical-non-denominational peanut gallery is… “YEAH, BUT ! ! !…”

You can take that “YEAH, BUT” and ….(Lord forgive me for what I am thinking)