Are Hymns in a Hymnal Sacred?

 Ah…no, they are not.

  If they can be improved upon , and made (more) Christ centered, that is a good thing.

Our pastor does just that, and quite often.

 This one (our Sending Hymn today) we sang to the tune of #369 in the Lutheran Book of Worship, text by Rev. Mark Anderson


O God, From Word and Table

 O God from Word and table, you send us on our way

Our words could never thank you for all you’ve done this day

In bread and wine and promise, our lives have been restored

Your gracious love has claimed us, through Christ our mighty Lord


You boke the bread of promise and poured the cup divine

And through these simple off”rings your mercy now is mine

O Lamb of God, Most Holy, your grace alone imparts

the faith that trusts you only, and satisfies our hearts.


What struggles lie before us, O Lord we cannot know

Our lives, as yours, O Jesus, into this world must go

Foresaking earth’s brief glories, you chose to bear the cross

So we, by faith, will follow and count the world as loss.