“For You”

This is key.                     


The gospel is not ‘because of you’, or ‘if you’, or ‘why don’t you?’, or ‘will you?’

The gospel is… FOR YOU!

It is a free gift of God’s grace and mercy. It is His desire to give to you that which you need… authentic life, the forgiveness of your sins, and salvation.

Not because of anything that you ‘do’ or ‘don’t do’.

It is absolutely free to all real sinners who are in need of the Lord Jesus.

It’s a promise from God, and it is FOR YOU!

You are loved! You are forgiven! There is a place for you in God’s house!


That’s the gospel.




Do you have a ‘yeah but’? 

If so… you should get rid of it.


11 Responses

  1. “The bible is not a collection of timeless principles offering…resource(s) for self-improvement. Rather, it is a story that unfolds from promise to fulfillment, with Christ at the center. God is not a facilitator in our personal improvement projects. He is our Creator…and our Redeemer.
    Before we can speak of God’s saving work in Christ, we have to back away from our ‘man-centered’ way of thinking to the truth of God’s work”.

    Mike Horton – The Gospel-driven life.

  2. I have a ‘butt’, but not a ‘yeah but’… good post Steve.

  3. Thank you.

    “But, but…” often echos through my brain.

    Several months ago, I was really messed up by legalistic thinking and even though God has graciously sent plenty of loving correction, I still find myself staggering lamely on my broken “I need to discover the ‘most obedient lifestyle’ ” legs.

    It is so difficult to remember that obedient actions are not an externally applied framework but instead flow out of a heart that is gratefully surrendered to Christ.

  4. Thanks, Howard (great quote!).

    Pat, two t’s are the way to go in this instance.

    Heather, we are obedient by faith.

    In Christ, we are obedient, because of Him. What flows from us out of our grateful heart is a mixed bag.

    But what flows from His heart is enough for us.

    Thank you, my friends!

  5. Off to the salt mine!

  6. Wow you work at the salt mine too? I never see you there St Stephen!

    Great post once again. What a wonderful God to be on the cross for us!

    God’s peace. †

  7. St. David,

    Yep…I’m there…way down deep.

    Been on the new job a week now.
    My back hurts, my feet hurt. I should have listened to my old man and stayed in school.

    Oh well, at least I have a job.

    Peace and grace to you, my friend!

  8. Amen, Old Adam.

    • I often listen to a popular Christian music station while driving. Lately, I’ve taken up listening to it with a doctrinal ear. I try and count how much of the message is the enthusiastic theology of glory, versus the theology of the cross.

      This morning, it was Toby Mac’s “City on Our Knees.” The title sounds like it might point to Christ and clinging to the cross. But, then the lyrics ask: “If WE gotta start sometime, why not NOW? If WE gotta start somewhere, why not HERE?”

      So much of what passes for Christian popular music is standard protestant decision theology of glory.

  9. You are right, Erich.

    This ‘free will’, decide for Jesus stuff is insidious.

    Thanks, my friend. Hang in there!

    – Steve

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