Lesser Things

You can have them.  the watchers by laurence.winram


Like trying to make yourself look better in the eyes of the Living God. (you can only make yourself look worse)


Like worrying about how obedient to God you are. (you’re not very)


Like jumping through a bunch of stupid “religious” hoops to keep in good stead with God or you church. (that is just religion, and God hates it)


Like focusing on your own “spirituality”. (what in the world is that, anyway?)


Is not what Christ has done on the cross, and in your baptism, enough for you?

Is not receiving what the world could never buy, the real presence of the Living God in the bread and wine of Holy Communion, enough for you?

Do you really want to waste time and energy with ‘lesser things’?

Do you really want to say to God, “yeah, that death and resurrection of yours was good, but what about what I’m doing?”




What then ought we be doing?

Surely there is something our Lord would have us do, right?