“I AM the Bread of Life”


click here to listen >Sermon-for-the-12th-Sunday-after-Pentecost


By Pastor Mark Anderson  Lutheran Church of the Master, Corona del Mar, CA


“Who cares what Brad Pitt says?”






6 Responses

  1. Brad Pitt?

  2. Sorry, Darius. You’ll have to listen to get the answer. 😀

  3. I don’t give a rats a** about what BP says.

    Great sermon!

    I think Pastor Mark overstates it just a pinch when he says “When it comes to the things of God, the culture is always wrong.”

    That can be said of the human heart, but I believe some cultural things are neutral. It would be more accurate to say that when it comes to the things of God, the culture cannot get it right.

    “Every culture has within it pretensions of salvation” – I totally agree.

  4. “I believe some cultural things are neutral.”

    At least, a culture that is informed by a Judeo-Christian ethic, like our own.

  5. Patrick, Thanks for your comments and for the exegetical clarification! My statement regarding the culture always being wrong regarding the things of God is meant to be understood in the light of the point you made: every culture , finally, has it’s own pretensions of salvation. Yes, after listening to it again, I can see how it came off as overstated. Isn’t preaching fun!

    • Pastor Mark,

      Thanks for your gracious reply about my minor point.

      Yes indeed… preaching, writing and everyday communication is “fun”… I embarrass myself frequently. When I hear how the popular theology of glory vernacular creeps into my stuff, I frequently pray “God have mercy”.

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