Radio preachers

I did a bit of driving today and listened to a couple of preachers on the radio.

I actually just caught the tail end of one program, in time to hear them advertise their 8 cd series on ‘How to Become More Righteous’.

OK…I didn’t know that was even possible. But I’m saving up for the set.

Then I heard a popular radio preacher speak at length on how we are spiritually dead, so Jesus died on the cross, paid the price for our sin, there’s nothing at all that we need to do (so far so good), and now it is up to us to either accept Jesus or not. OK

After that, I just listened to K Earth 101 and some 6 0’s music. I think I was better off.

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  1. “Do be do be do” – even 60’s music gets it wrong.

  2. You’re right. You’re much better off with 60’s music…at least you don’t tend to take it too seriously.

  3. You know if the Pope and his cardinals would just wear black suits and ties or even just jeans and slovenly shirts, get a concord on the externals, I think we could reunite most of protestantism and Rome into one communion again. Because they are already doctrinally united. The ONLY difference is the attire.

    Yea the “how to______” that’s the fine print in their other gospel.

    I concur, waaay better off listening to 60s music or pretty much anything than that.


  4. Thanks, Pat…for almost ruining one of the few pleasures I have while driving 😀

    You are right, though. The music is all about the self for the most part.

    But, it sure had some really tunes!

  5. Isn’t it interesting that the New Testament never talks about people choosing God, but it does say that people choose sin? (James 4, 1 Peter 4)

  6. But! (A big ‘but’)

    There were times in my life when the thin soup of a radio preacher helped to sustain me when I was starving to death.

    There was a time in my life when I lived inside my van, divorced, lonely, missing my kids and my wife, when the words of some of the radio preachers were just enough for the Lord to work with, and to keep me going.

    I surely thank God for them and how they helped me through some very rough times, even as I now realize their errant theology.

    The Lord truly does use some rusty, seemingly useless tools to get His work done.

    I know that is true. He uses me once in awhile.

  7. Darius,

    Interesting, and true.

    We do choose. We choose to put ourselves ahead of Him.

    But He chooses to make us His children and to love and forgive us.

    He is some kind of God.

  8. The Lord truly does use some rusty, seemingly useless tools to get His work done.

    Spot on, my friend, and so very true!
    I believe it was Sibbes who said that only a fool snubs the tainted light which aids him in those darkest times. God’s grace is marvelous, however it reaches us.

  9. Steve,

    , there’s nothing at all that we need to do (so far so good), and now it is up to us to either accept Jesus or not. OK…

    Just a question for clarification. We both agree that there is nothing we can do to add to the sacrifice of Christ. He paid the price for sin (Telelestai) once and for all.

    I’m sure you’ve answered this here many times so I apologize if I’ve missed it along the way. It’s clear from the second half of your statement that you take exception to the “accept Jesus or not.”

    I can sort of see why, but at the same time, I’m wondering what would be the difference between say, two people. Both have never heard the gospel message. One of them hears the message and decides to repent of their sins and follow Christ. The other hears the message and decides the message is not for them, etc., and chooses to continue in a life apart from God.

    Is there something wrong with the first person “choosing” (“making a decision to follow Jesus”) a life with Christ?

    I’m just trying to understand your position. I’m don’t want to belabor or argue a point. I’m just not clear on that point.

  10. Joe,

    Not to worry about asking a question such as you did. This is one of the main reasons that this blog exists, to try and speak to these things.

    I think your question is an excellent one.

    The Bible makes it perfectly clear that we do not choose God. Jesus said it himself and it is said in many places in scripture.

    St. paul tells us in Romans that “no one seeks for God”. The Bible tells us that we are “dead in our sins and trespasses”. Spiritually dead men are unable to decide anything when it comes to the things of God.

    When Jesus speaks with Niccodemus, he tells Niccodemus that he can’t choose to be born again, but that it has to happen from above. “The Spirit is like the wind, it blows where it will.”

    Faith is a gift of God. After faith comes, we are able to make choices about God. We are able to accept Him and reject Him, which we do on a daily basis.

    The decisions we make for God are weak, they are compromised by sin, they are done with self-motivation.

    God’s decisions for us are strong, true, and done out of pure love.

    So, which decision would you rather rely on? One that you have made for God, or one that God has made for you?

    The practice of “accepting, or making one’s decision for Jesus, leads one to have faith in faith, rather than faith, or trust in God.

    It is an important distinction which we believe leads to all kinds of ramifications in the life of the believer.

    I hope that helps a little.

    Maybe someone can do a bit better job of explaining it than I can.

    Thanks, Joe.

    – Steve

  11. “Your response helped me out. Thanks brother!”

    Really? It kind of confused me 😀

    Talk to you soon, brother!

  12. Any real “choice” you make for God shows that He has already made a choice for you.

    If you had asked me how I knew I was a Christian when I was an Arminian evangelical, I would have replied, “Because I repented and believed in Christ back when I was X years old” (i.e., “accepted Christ as my Savior”).

    The problem with this is that it’s the wrong focus. If your Christian life rests on a decision that you made, then it rests on shaky ground. How do I know I was sincere when I made that decision? How do I know that I REALLY repented or REALLY believed?

    There’s a reason why I said “X years old” – because I felt the need to “make sure of my salvation” again and again by “accepting Christ” a number of times over the years. But this never gave me any assurance of salvation. That only came when I realized that God had chosen me, not the other way around. And there is no question about His sincerity.

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