A fun (and deadly) game where the rules constantly change


From ‘The Sacred Sandwich’ 




4 Responses

  1. This is great!

  2. I thought it was pretty funny, too.

    (in a sad, because it is often true, sort of way)

  3. Hi Steve, I met you at lunch today at the King & I. My blog is http://www.jimtsutsui.wordpress.com

    I have around 5 blogs about my beating prostate cancer. if you encounter anyone with this type of cancer, feel free to pass this information on. Perhaps this is why God had us meet today.

    Jim Tsutsui

  4. Hi Jim!

    It was nice meeting you today!

    I look forward to perusing your blog(s).

    God does work in mysterious ways…and who knows? I will definitely send anyone to your site that I happen to run across that has prostate cancer.

    Take care, my friend,


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