‘Christian Buddhism’

A new religion?  Hardly.

The same old song with a different tune? Nope, not that either.  It’s just the same old  song…period.

Striving to achieve a level of ethical conduct. Striving to live up to a vision of altruistic behavior. Striving to reach a point where you are worthy not to recieve judgment and punishment. Striving to reach a point of peace and tranquility in your own life by doing what is right.

This takes a great deal of effort and exertion. This takes a lot of concentration and meditation. This takes so much more than you are capable of. But Jesus is right there beside you, He is your “co-pilot”. He takes the stick when your nose is pointing at the ground. He revs up your engine, pulls back the lever and sends you soaring back into the stratosphere.

“A lot of Jesus and just a little bit of me.” Well, it almost always turns out to be the other way around…a lot of me and a little bit of Jesus…when I need Him (“the god of the gaps”).

“But the preacher speaks of Jesus. The preacher tells us time and time again that there is no way we can ever earn our way to Heaven. He spends about two minutes telling us that, each and every Sunday. But then the preacher gives us the “meat” of the Christian faith. He shows us (using the Bible, of course) how to become “more Christlike” in our Christian walk. He shows us (using the Bible) how to live out our lives so that we will become more of what God would have us be. To live in such a way as to merit “jewels in our crown.” This part of the Christian life, ‘the application’ is now the important thing. “You have already been saved right? You said the prayer, made your “acceptance speech” (of Jesus) to the congreagtion or the pastor and now you are ‘in’…right? “Wellll…sure you are in, but you are just not going to settle for that… are you now? Don’t you want to be all that you can be? Don’t you want to show God just how serious you are about this whole thing? You don’t want anyone to see you as the disobedient sinner, do you? You will look just like the non-believer then! You don’t want that do you? You want to fit in, don’t you? Well then, you’d better get busy. If you do not know what to do, don’t worry about it, we will lay out the whole program for you. All you need to do…is to ‘do’. And don’t stop ‘doing’ (lest anyone think you are backslider and no longer a “true believer”.”

All that is lacking is to sit in the lotus position and babble out a bunch of incoherrent chants.

Welcome to Christian Buddhism. Get busy and improve.

10 Responses

  1. I guess i put all the “meat” up front, and call it law. Then I do an inverted “yeah but”, yeah, but your forgiven. 🙂

  2. Bror,

    Too bad. You may not qualify. Christian Buddhists are too hot on the “inverted yeah buts”. They are looking for “a little something for the effort” (Bill Murray).

    On their death beds they will recieve ‘total consciousness’…which is nice…but it ain’t forgiveness.

  3. well at least I have that going for me.

  4. “Total Consciousness” will be a pretty awful thing if you’ve spent your life essentially believing that this world is maya (illusion) – what a wake up call when the trumpet sounds and Christ calls us all to rise in immortal flesh – not the manner of ‘awakening’ that was expected!

  5. BRILLIANT Steve, simply brilliant. It’s getting past the name “jesus” slapped on a religious principle that if you just “unchristiniazed” the lingo it is exactly the same as Buddhism and ALL the other religions out there. A rose is a rose by any other name, or in this case crap is crap by any other name. I always found it notable that Paul warned not of Buddhism, animism or paganism but OTHER christs, spirits, gospels. I told my wife, “you see the devil doesn’t come in guns a slingin, hey I’m the devil here to rob, kill and destroy. No! He comes in as christs, holy spirits and gospels, bibles only, etc…so that he may truly rob, kill and destroy.” But getting people to SEE that in a church is nearly impossible.

    “Inverted yea buts” that’s brilliant – turn the gun around on them. I’ve heard so many “yea buts” in my former SB and even PCA churches, family, etc… Every time you give 200 proof Gospel you just know you are going to hear that finger nails on the chalk board “yea but…what about law/responsibility/etc…etc…”. I was once helping our elder teach a Sunday school class and ran affront into another elder in the class. He kept insisting on God is serious about sin. That was his “yea but” to the Gospel I was giving in the class. I said to him (I suppose inverting it at the time), “Yes and that’s why Christ was crucified”. He kept coming back about sin and basically what we need to be doing, implying it. I was pretty nervous because this was an elder of the church and I was not, but I shakly kept repeating the same thing, “Yes and that’s why His Son was crucified on the cross, nothing shows the seriousness of sin more than that”. Finally he huffed, but he didn’t like it. I took a sip of my coffee nerves shaking all over the place.

    Blessings brother saint Steve,


  6. Steve,

    Along this line I’ve run into a new thing similar to this. Just the other day it came out AGAIN with some baptist ministers who are family members.

    I’ve encountered a relatively new phenomena. I’d been noticing it among family and SB in this area for about a couple of years roughly. It’s one of those, “is that denying the Gospel” things that you want to think not and think you are being paranoid, but as it begins to grow you sadly find out, yep it is. Correctly the term “Christ centered” has been for a few years a short hand way of affirming Christ as in the Gospel what Jesus did for you. However in the past couple of years I’d noticed in our area and among family a subtle use of the term “tacked on” to the same old pietism and works based sanctification as before. Just the other day a family member was speaking of this new “Christ centered” church and “how the message was practical how to apply living the Gospel in your life, ad nausem.

    So, beware, “Christ centered” is becoming a loaded term being subtly chalked full of Pharisaical yeast. It now means in many evangelical/Baptist use: Christ centered = Christ is the best example/coach on how to live and get to doing the Christian life, purification, etc…

    I suppose if the term Gospel can be altered and even Jesus’ can be altered along with the terms, grace, faith and so forth we should not be shocked that what was a few short years ago a fresh modern “sola” on the real Gospel (what Christ has done for you PERIOD STOP END OF THE EXPLANATION, no buts, caveats or add ons) – has now become “yeastified” and now another christ, gospel and spirit that is none of the above at all.



  7. Howard,

    The reality of God and His perfect justice will certainly be a shock to those who have been living in a delusional reality of their own.

    We pray that with each passing day He might wake another from their deep sleep and bring them into the true Light of his love and forgiveness.

    Thanks very much, Howard. And thanks for sending the article on ‘shame’ and the biblical perspective on it, and also some more of your terrific gallery work. I haven’t had a chance to check them out yet. We’ve been busy with some family and friends in for the Thanksgiving holiday, but I am looking forward to them (your e-mails).

    Your friend in Christ,


  8. Larry,

    The devil is brilliant, in that he co-opts the very Name that is his doom to steal away, and keep those from knowing the real Christ.

    This ‘Jesus shaped’ ‘Christ centered’ stuff is just another way for us to progress and become gods of our own making.

    Thanks be to God for people like yopu who stand up in the face of those ‘yeah buters’ and speak the true gospel, plainly, purely, without varnish.

    You stood there, in the midst of an attack by the devil (the unwitting elder) and did not blink. You might have been nervous…but you did not blink!

    Thanks very much, Larry!

    Have a great Thanksgiving !

    – Steve

  9. Steve,
    You’re very welcome.
    Have a great thanksgiving (that goes for all of you across the pond), and I look forward to hearing from you.

  10. SM.

    Good point, Jesus today is just a little bit higher than a guru but guru nevertheless.

    Thanks for the insights.


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