Who’s the ruler of this world?

That’s right. It’s satan, the devil…the evil one.

Do you really believe that?  It’s true, you know. Or do you think that we can really take over and fix up this world quite nicely and fix ourselves up in the process?

Or, did I get it wrong…first we fix up ourselves, one at a time, individulally (maybe small groups, whole political parties?) and then when we’ve got ourselves hitting on all cylinders, then by default the world will just get cleaned up and be made right…right? (while the devil relaxes and reads the newspaper) Wrong! I want to know what funky weed you are smokin’!

That stuff is the ‘religion of man’. 

Should we not try and fix this world? Should we not try and fix ourselves?  Of course we should! We just aren’t delusioned into thinking we are going to achieve Heaven on earth. This place is going down! We are going down! Look in the mirror, (at my age it’s getting harder to do).

“Yeah, but we know a lot more now than did our parent’s generation.”  The truth of the matter is that our hearts are exactly same… they have not improved one iota.

When we believe that we have within us some spark to goodness that if only acted upon will bring about the kind of world, the kind of church, the kind of government, the kind of person that we ought truly be..when we fall for that we are making ourselves over into little gods. We are engaging in the ‘first sin’…wanting to be as God is. We don’t really trust God, we can do a better job on our own. That is us. That is the sinner. If you don’t believe that you are probably a modern day Pharisee…a self righteous ‘do-gooder’ that is on the ladder to a god of your own making.

We are fallen. The world is fallen. There is no hope in ourselves. All of this leads only to a graveyard.

But there is Christ! He came to save us. He wants to save us! He has saved us! He died for this broken world and each one of our broken lives. He died for the sin of wanting to be a god. He died for the sin of self-righteousness and of greed and of hate. He died for it all…that we might live!

“All of your sin is forgiven for Jesus’ sake.” Those are the only words that can ‘fix’ what would otherwise be broken for eternity and lost.

“Your sin is forgiven. Take this my body…and eat. Take this my blood and drink.” He gives this saving Word (Himself) to us.           He fixes us!         Nothing else will do!           He is enough!