Asking for forgiveness is not necessary?

There is a Christian radio ministry out of Texas with a program titled “People to People”. One of the hosts of the show is a gentleman by the name of Bob George. Mr. George routinely tells his listeners and folks that call in to his program that there is no need to ask God for forgiveness and that it is actually foolish and a waste of time inasmuch as Christ has already forgiven your sins on the cross.

Is he right?

Well he is right in one way, your sin is already forgiven because of the cross and Jesus’ death and His petition of the Father, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Our sin is forgiven. If we sin and forget about it, or don’t even realize that we have committed a sin, and therefore do not ask God to forgive that sin, are we then not forgiven?

The point here isn’t that we have to ask. The point here is that we can ask. It’s that God wants us to ask. He wants us to confess. It says as much in scripture. The Lord wants us to come to Him. To speak with Him and honestly confess our sins. He wants to hear from us, and He wants us to be unburdened by that sin which we have just confessed. The Lord wants to forgive us, time and time again because it is liberating for us, the sinner. That forgiveness gives us new life and salvation…each time…again and again and again.

If you as a parent has a child that willfully disobeys you, you will forgive that child because he or she is your child.  That child of yours does not have to fess up and ask your forgiveness otherwise you will kick him out of the family. But you do want that child to be honest with you, to come to you, to  recieve a talk about why what he or she did was not a good thing, and then to hear, “you are forgiven, go and sin no more.”

Being able to go to our Heavenly Father is a gift. Being able to confess to Him and relieve ourselves of the guilt we have in our own mind and heart, to realize that we are loved and forgiven…is a gift.

I don’t think that telling people there is no need to confess our sins to God, because He already knows them and forgives you, is a healty thing to do. While Bob George may be technically right, the relationship between Father and child is not a business contract.

I believe the Lord wants us to come to Him and confess our sins and ask for His forgiveness. What do you think?

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  1. A good Lutheran will know to say all of and only what God has said. He says that we should pray, “Father . . . forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us.”

    Peace (and nothing brings peace like hearing the Gospel preached clearly and fully),


  2. Good answer!

    I do hope, however, that He doesn’t do that.

    (but that He forgives us a little more completely)

    Thanks Amillennialist!

    – Steve

  3. Why I confess? Because I get the comfort again of knowing that my sins are forgiven.

    Just yesterday, I was bothered at the ugliness of my sin, then I confess and then got reminded that he is faithful and just and does forgive for the sake of Jesus. I left after confessing, being comforted and I went home with peace in my soul.


  4. I too am bothered by past and current sins.

    I too am comforted in the hearing of God’s promises to forgive me.

    i am not sure why some people think this is no big deal (something that was done ‘way back there at the cross’) and now the focus is on us and what we do, think, feel, or believe.

    I need to hear it often. I am quite the sinner.

    Thanks L.P.C.!

  5. Coming before a throne of grace, to find mercy in time of need…
    trouble is, of course, we so often play the prodigal, straying and then staying in a foreign land, doing what actually harms us until we end up in the mire, crippled and destitute due to our own wrong-doing…
    thankfully, he brings us to our senses, makes us yearn for home, and we approach, dirty and desperate, He enfolds us in goodness and care –
    He indeed saves us to the uttermost!

  6. Of the many teachers I listen to Bob George at People to People Ministries is one that I have listened to for years and know very few groups that teach Grace so simply and honestly. You can play an audio version about this subject based on John 1:9. Bob George does believe in confession…simply agreeing with God about our sinfulness but as for asking forgiveness of sins, he believes if we do that we have never believed in the finished work of Christ to begin with. Our sins…past, present and future were all foregiven at the Cross. There is nothing left to foregive. I believe this. God Bless

  7. theoldadam: I believe the Lord wants us to come to Him and confess our sins and ask for His forgiveness. What do you think?

    Just to reiterate, Bob George does believe in confessing our sins…agreeing with God about our sinfulness… but as for “ask for His forgiveness” he would say, ask for his forgiveness for what? You are either foregiven or not. I do not need to speak for Bob or debate this point. Go to his web site and listen for yourself. I believe so strongly that my foregiveness was 100% complete at the cross. When my faith is put in what Christ did completely and never based on what I do…confess each and every sin…I have much assurence of eternal life. Oh, by the way, I confess my sins and every single time I am set free by the spirit of truth when we are in agreement. God Bless

  8. Hi Paul,

    I too, am very familiar with Bob George, having listened to him for many years on his radio program.

    He gets a lot right. But he gets some major things wrong.

    Is it true that we don’t have to ask God for forgiveness in order to be forgiven? YES! But time and again I have heard him (Bob George) tell people that Catholics and Lutherans and others who make a confessesion of sin to God are wrong. I have called his show and spoken with him about it on the air.

    I told him that we want our children to come to us and tell us when they have done wrong, even though we forgive them, and that God is no different. He wants to hear from us. He wants us to admit our sin.

    We tell our wives we love them. We don’t have to. We want to.


    Another big thing that Bob George is mistaken about, is his semi-Pelagian view that can make “a decision to accept Jesus”. He believes that this is how the Christian life begins, and the Bible does not square with that at all. God makes the decision…for us. Bob George will deny that all day long, as well. Also, he does not believe that anything actually happens in the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion. He does not believe that Christ is present in these pure forms of the gospel (because Christ commanded that we do them).

    Bob George gets a lot right. But he is missing some major things in the area of the grace of God, which ultimately leaves the human in charge of his own salvation.

    Thanks, Paul.

    – Steve

  9. Steve, you are correct about Bob on the last two points. I can see where he does disagree with you. I do agree that our Heavenly Father wants us to run to him quickly and confess our sins but at that point instead of asking forgiveness of those sins…because the sins that I will ever commit have been put on Christ and paid in full…I thank Him for already foregiving me. I grew up in keeping short accounts with God. If I died in my sleep with an unforegiven sin I would go straight to Hell. Bob brings out that the foregiveness of sins always takes shed blood. If we are asking God for foregiveness of sins each time we sin we are asking him to come down from the right hand of God and shed his blood every time. I believe that once we are Justified we confess our sins but no longer have sins to be foregiven. God Bless

  10. ” I believe that once we are Justified we confess our sins but no longer have sins to be foregiven.”

    You are right, Paul. All our sins are forgiven…past, present, and future.

    But we are in a relationship. We want to confess, and ask for forgiveness, even though we already have it.

    Thanks, my friend. Good points…and well taken.

    God bless you!

    – Steve

  11. Since receiving the unadulerated, radical gospel of grace that the Apostle Paul taught I don’t ask forgiveness for my sins if I can help it. I catch myself doing it sometimes and I feel like a jerk. I refuse to make the cross of no effect in anyway. I go to God and thank Him for forgiving my sin and praise Him for His amazing grace and mercy towards me. I am thankful that He gave me the Holy Spirit to guide me into a place of repentence (changing my mind) so that I can come into agreement with Him. He is faithful.

  12. Thanks, Deborah.

    I ask for forgiveness…even though I know I already have it. Sort of like when I mess up at home. I know my wife will forgive me, but because I’m in a relationship, I want to ask for it.

    In Christ, we don’t have to ask for forgiveness in order to be forgiven. But sometimes we just want to.

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