A Request of God’s Pastors

Pastors don’t have an easy job, if they take it seriously. They have many duties, but of highest importance is the stewardship of God’s Word with respect to their congregation.

I have great respect for pastors in the Lord’s Church, and I thank God for them.

I do have a request, though, of any pastor that is inclined to delve into a little politics from the pulpit…please don’t.

We are grown men and women who are fully able to decide political issues on our own. We don’t need a biblical spin on the main political issues of the day, unless you are going to site an issue as God’s law.

“Christians shouldn’t bomb this country or that country, but maybe this country or that country.” “Christians should look the other way with respect to this dictator, but not that dictator.” “Christians should snuggle up to this political party and not that one.”

 Bunk.  Pure, plain, and simple…bunk.

Go home and call up your pals and hold rallies for Party X and rent an ice cream truck with loud speakers and call loud and long to elect ‘Bob Smith’ for President. Have at it. But when you are in the pulpit, please leave ‘Bob Smith’, or whomever, in the ice cream truck.

The pulpit ought be reserved for the Word of God and the Word of God alone. The Bible says nothing about ‘Bob Smith’, and nothing about who we as a nation, should or should not fight in the defense of our citizens, and our way of life.

14 Responses

  1. Steve,

    Amen! The pulpit is reserved for the Word of God and the Word of God alone.

  2. Magdalene,

    It (the Word) is too important to share with worldly concerns that detract from it, or that overshadow It, or that confuse It.

    I do think that there is ample space and time in the span on a week , without having to intrude upon the one place where we go for sanctuary.

    Thanks very much , Magdalene.

    – Steve

  3. Did my sermon this week touch a nerve?
    Well I touched I suppose indirectly on politics when I took a stab at modern pacifism, often being nothing more than a cover for cowardice, but,,,
    As a rule I agree pastors shouldn’t champion political causes, or put their trust in earthly princes.

  4. Bror,

    I haven’t checked out your sermon…yet! But I will.

    No, it was another one, much closer to home.

    And like I said, there’s nothing wrong with touching on politics to point out the law. The problem, of course, lies in the prescribtion and the advocacy, with respect to the kingdom on earth.

    Off to work (ha! – shooting photos on the beach…work?!!)

    Thanks Bror!

    – Steve

  5. Work, hah, have beer while your at it.

  6. God wouldn’t have it any other way, pastor

    Oops, I mean layman, you KNOW this

  7. Bathsheba,

    God might not want to have it any other way, but when we get through with it, it ‘ll look like a different animal all together!

    Thanks, Bathsheba!

    – Steve

  8. A-freakin-men. I hate it when politics get thrown into sermons.

  9. Hey Steve,

    Did you see the photographs on the news of the sharks surfing with the surfers? True story. They checked out the photographer and found they are actual photographs (untouched). I thought of you, shooting photos down at the beach of the surfers. 😉

    Imagine, sitting on that surf board, with your legs dangling in the water… and then, surfing along on a wave and seeing a 12 foot white shark jumping the waves a few feet away!

  10. Magdalene,

    No, I didn’t hear about that. No kidding? Maybe I’ll just stay home tomorrow and have a baloney sandwich and watch some old Andy Griffith re-runs! 😀

    Today I was wading out into the high tide to get some better shots.

    I could not imagine being in the water next to a shark.

    Every now and then dolphins cruise fairly close to the surfers. They are cute and cuddly, I think I could handle being in the water with one of those guys.

  11. Steve,

    I’m not kidding. A baloney sandwich may be a good thing! 😉

    Steve, don’t wear a black wet-suit! 😉 Have fun.

  12. Thanks Magdalene!

    If I were to wear a black wet suit there would be whale sightings and the fingers would be pointed at me!:D

  13. I heartily say “YES”! to no politics at the pulpit.

  14. Me neither!! Now vote for Bob Smith!!!

    Thanks L.L.!

    – steve

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