How can God possibly use an imperfect text?

If God uses His imperfect people (earthen vessels) to get his saving message of grace through faith in Jesus across to those that need it, and if God uses water (in baptism) that is less than perfectly pure, and if God uses the man-made elements of bread and wine to give His forgiveness of sins, life and salvation to those at the communion rail, and if God lowered Himself to the form of a mere mortal to accomplish His saving work for mankind, then how is it that the book that He has decided to use to tell the people what He expects of them and of His great love and forgiveness for them, how is it that such a book must be free of imperfections and the devices of man?

How is it that the Bible needs to be in a different category than the other ‘apparently less than divine’ tools which God uses to accomplish His purposes?