“Name it…and claim it…in Jesus’ name!”


Pastor Mark is preaching from The Gospel of Mark:

 Listen to > “Name it and claim it…in Jesus’ name!”


Thank you, Pastor Mark.

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“We are More Spiritual than God is”


Are you really going to let a  statement like that pass without finding out what Pastor Mark means?

I hope not.

Listen to >“We are More Spiritual than God is.”


Thank you, Pastor Mark.


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‘Finding Yourself’


Christmas Eve 2014, sermon:

Hear > Finding Yourself vs. The Promises of God

A Joyous and Blessed Christmas to one and all!

Christmas Day 2014, sermon :

 Hear > The Sign that Christ is Triumphant



Thank you, Pastor Mark.


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The Gospel of Mark


This class, taught by Pastor Mark, is perfect for those who may be bogged down in the cares of politics, or finances.

It’s really very good for…anybody! Share it with someone for Christmas. It truly is the perfect gift. And it’s free!

 > The Gospel of Mark – pastor’s class


Thank you, Pastor Mark.


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Advent and Christmas Expectations



If you don’t listen to this…you’ll be missing a terrific Advent sermon. And that’s just the way it is.

 Listen to > Advent and Christmas Expectations


Thank you, Pastor Mark.


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You Don’t Even Have to Like God, to Thank Him


   Pastor Mark’s Thanksgiving Eve sermon, 2014:

 Listen to > You Don’t Even Have to Like God…


Thank you, Pastor Mark.

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The Judgement – Matthew 25



The Judgement in Matthew 25 is based solely on what ‘you do’, or what ‘you didn’t do’.

Are you comfortable with that?

Before you start to look for a hole to put your head into…listen to this first:

  > Matthew 25…and the Good News


Thank you, Pastor Mark.

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3 Distinct Points of the Lutheran Witness in America


This class will help you speak to others inside the church, and those who are not yet a part of the body of Christ:

 Listen to > 3 Points of Distinction for Lutherans


Thank you, Pastor Mark.

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Being Present in the Word


Listen up > Be Ready


Thank you, Pastor Mark.

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All Saints Sunday


Pastor Mark’s sermon for All Saints Sunday, 2014:

Listen > All Saints Sunday

(There was some interference that affected the recording quality and a lot had to be edited out to make it listenable – but what remains is still a strong word of God for sinners in need)


Thank you, Pastor Mark.

Photo courtesy of marymagdalene.blogspot.com