Chapter 5 (don’t miss this one)



There are some terrific keys to understanding the faith in this one:


Listen to > Chapter 5 – “Lutheran Theology”




Thank you, Pastor Mark.


Thanks to, for the photo.








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  1. Thank you for posting Pastor Mark’s classes on the Paulson book. Lutheran Theology was one of the first books I read when I started looking into Lutheranism. I had listened by podcast a couple of talks he did at one of the Mockingbird Conferences probably 5 years ago. The first line of the book, which Mark references in one of his classes, that Lutheran theology begins by advocating the destruction of all that is good, right and beautiful in human life… especially morality… made me think, “Wow, did I just read what I thought I read?” You’d be shown the door immediately if you preached that at most churches.

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