Good Friday, 2014









 Pastor Mark’s Good Friday sermon for 2014:


 Listen to Pastor Mark’s sermon on > Good Friday, 2014




Thank you, Pastor Mark.


And thanks to, for the photo.








2 Responses

  1. I’ve come to look forward so much to the messages from Pastor Mark. I like the times when he gets on his soap box, but perhaps the more precious thing about him is his constant remembrance that his greater calling is simply to feed His sheep. So many pastors are big on “speaking truth”, (seeing to it that you will never win an argument against them), and yet at the same time neglecting what the sheep need to feed on over and over and over again.

    It would appear that you are now the central means of making his preaching available on the web, and for that I want to say thank you. It is a responsibility that has not gone unappreciated.

    If I’m at all representative of His spirit at work, then know this … His word going forth from Pastor Mark is not returning to Him void. (Isa. 55:11)

    –StephenT from VT

    • Stephen T.,

      Thanks for your kind and encouraging words.

      We are glad that these sermons and classes are a blessing to you.

      Hoping you have a wonderful Easter.

      – Stephen M. ( the Old Adam )

      PS- My Aunt and Uncle lived for 50 years in Vergennes. I visited there once. What a beautiful state.

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