‘Accountability Partners’



I recently read a post on another Christian blog site, about the benefits of good accountability partners in your Christian walk of faith.

I wrote what such a meeting of myself and an accountability partner from our congregation might sound like.


Here it is:


“Hi Brian”
“Hi Steve”

“How’d you do this week, Brian, as far as committing sins?”

“Lousy. I did not love God with my whole heart, and I did not love my neighbors as myself. In fact, I got really angry with someone the other day (which Jesus said is akin to committing murder).”

“How about you, Steve?”

“Just as bad. Maybe worse.”

“I didn’t visit anyone in prison. I didn’t go to any nursing homes, or work at any homeless facilities. I just watched a lot of football on my days off.”

“Well…thanks be to God that we have a Savior, Brian.”

“Yeah, Steve, one who knows what we are really all about…but who loves and forgives us, anyway.”

“Amen, brother.”

“Wanna go a grab a beer and a burger, Steve?”

“No thanks, Brian…the Kings are playing the Blackhawks tonight and I wanna get home and watch it. Maybe next time, friend. Maybe after church this Sunday.”

” Sounds good, Steve, say hello to Patricia for me. Great meeting…see ya later!”




Thanks to flicker and Earl – What I Saw 2.0, for the photo.