Happy Reformation Day



Of course the title should read “critiques“…



Happy a happy Halloween, too. We’ve got it. Make the best of it.







8 Responses

  1. ’18 out of 12 apostles buried in Spain’ – I liked that!

    (you still v busy?)

    • Ol’ Marty was pretty funny in many of his criticisms.

      Very busy. Too busy. This too shall pass. I ought be thankful (which I often am not) that the Lord has provided me with so much when so many have to go without.

      • I “ought” to be grateful…!

        Ah! There’s the old law coming back to grip the old man by his old throat.

        Jesus’ active obedience, including his gratitude towards and love for the Father, have been credited to you. Aren’t they enough !!!?!?

        Throw an inkwell at any ‘thought of ought’ !

      • Listen to Harrisville’s 7 min sermons (esp 1 and 2) towards the bottom of


        Same message; tremendous power; and tremendous humour which it sounds like might lighten your soul

        I’m about to buy his Fractiured Cross – I see you can buy it for a penny on Amazon US

      • I will listen asap. Thanks for the link!

        And thanks for the encouragement. I need it. A rough few months. The roller coaster ride…you know.

  2. Have not been blogging much but felt the need to clarify some things on Reformation Day.


    • Nice job, Jon.

      That is a liberating Word that you have underlined, amidst our not wanting it. But that’s all He has for us. Love and forgiveness.


      • thanks – I could not find the specific exchange with your comment but no matter.

        you sound heavy hope all okay

        I have been exchanging with ‘Scott’ offline

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