Praying for more faith?



We’ve probably all done it. But Jesus has us figured out. He’s knows what our game is and won’t play it.


Listen to Pastor Mark’s take on it in light of the Theology of Glory vs. the Theology of the Cross:


         > Our Faith




Thanks, Pastor Mark.


And thanks to, for the photo.






2 Responses

  1. I found this sermon very profound – that even when we are asking for more faith, behind it we are really asking for something for ourselves, but not in empty-handed prayer form but in a manipulative way (God must want to give us faith)

    I love Mark’s phrase ‘being juiced up’ and I suppose prayers for more faith can be a request for the right coins that, when entered in the machine, will give us the ‘juice’.

    I guess the ‘juice’ is always related to feeling good. Yes, we choose idols, even idols of status etc, but because they make us feel good – that is why sin is attractive.

    Many say that we want to play a part in our own salvation, but the problem runs deeper. I am very happy not to have to contribute to my salvation, but only if I trust my savior. And if he lets me down, there needs to be a ‘me’ that can do something.

    What I/we are really frightened of is accepting the ‘ego death’ of laying down my life which would mean I could never respond, at all, in such an emergency.

    But we do get glimpses of what it would be like for there to be no ‘I’ when we are caught up in wonder, love and praise.

  2. “But we do get glimpses of what it would be like for there to be no ‘I’ when we are caught up in wonder, love and praise.”

    Love your comments, Richard. I heartily concur. Your last line really stuck out for me because I think I have had those glimpses a couple of times. Very brief moments when I truly seemed to trust God ahead of everything else. But they were fleeting as the old “I” stepped back in to run things, again.

    Thank you, friend.

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