Taking yourself outside the grace of God. Little by little.



Just add a little bit of what you do, or what you have done. That’s all it will take to set you outside the bounds of the grace of God and put you back into the realm of the law.


Is that serious?   St. Paul thought so.  Very serious.



 downloadable ( I think) >   Adding just a little bit




Thanks, Pastor Mark.


And thanks also to flickr and Eline Klaastad, for the photo.



24 Responses

  1. There is no requirement for being in Gods grace…. If you think otherwise you might as well emascualate yourself … As Paul said!

  2. great, as ever! We find Mark’s teaching very upbuilding.

    BUT on a practical note, this talk and sometimes others too, can’t be downloaded. Downloading would mean we could listen to them in the car.

    Any chance?!

    • Thanks, Richard.

      I’ll try and fix that (somehow).

    • Richard,

      Forgive my ignorance of not realizing which file you can download and which ones not.

      Is this one that you can download?:

      [audio src="https://theoldadam.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/for-freedom-christ-has-set-us-free-a4.mp3" /]

      • Steve hi

        no – the most recent one I could not download was ‘Taking yourself outside Grace’ of 23 August. I could play it on my pc but not download whereas normally a right-click offers a ‘save as’ link

        It is not the only one but the most recent one

        But thanks as ever for all your hard work, and I enjoy seeing your comments on various blogs, including recently Horton’s article on Liberate. I had hoped Jono would respond to mine; maybe I was too critical?!

  3. Hi Richard,

    I put another link up. Try that one. If it works then I figured out what I was doing wrong.


    I’ll look up Horton’s article and check out what you wrote.

    Thanks, Richard.

    • Steve hi

      The last one (‘You are not people of the law’) worked fine; there was a mp3 tab to right click.

      I’ll let you know if others don’t work (but am away first 2 weeks of Sept)

      You have already commented on my comment on ‘Is the law gracious?’ !!

      I notice that sometimes you posted a current one by Mark, sometimes one of even several years ago. I do sometimes have a question or puzzlement in his otherwise brilliant stuff – can I ask you (and you can ask him as necessary)?

      • Absolutely, Richard.

        Thanks for the info. I do appreciate you letting me know what is up.

        Have a wonderful holiday (I’m assuming that’s where you are going).

      • We love to listen to sermons on holiday. Does Mark have a sermon archive from which we could download. We listen to 2-3 a day (for 14 days!) and we have listened to everything you have posted over the last ? 3-4 years


      • Hi Richard,

        I pretty much have everything on the site that was successfully recorded.

        I’ll look around and see if there are some others.

        Sometimes the older pastor’s classes are good to revisit.

        Sent from my iPhone

      • thanks, Steve

        I stupidly did not realise that the left hand column included talks, not just blogs or written items. We have much rich food to take with us on hols. May be God be gracious to us, and to you!!

      • Steve hi

        Back from an energetic water activity holiday in Turkey, despite my great age!

        Mark’s talks continue as a lifeline. Not to bother, but it would be brilliant if you could in future indicate which talks were classes, and which were ‘Grace to you..’ sermons. I/others can then put them in separate folders for appropriate use (Vit B v Vit C !!)

        Have you seen Heidelblog’s recent (and my reply)?

      • Have a wonderful trip, Richard!

        God bless you and keep you.

      • Glad you had a great holiday, Richard!

        I try to remember to put, ‘sermon’ (“Grace to you and peace…”:) , or ‘pastor’s class’ in the category at the bottom of all the posts I put up. I’ll be careful to make sure I do that.

        Excellent point you made over at Heidelblog. I actually said as much in a comment on your comment, but then I realized that I had been banned from that blog several months back. Oh well. R.S. will probably just delete it.

  4. sorry – this one ‘adding just a little’ is now also good to download. thnks

  5. I cannot underestimate any description to you of how legalistic this country (UK) is. We have no Lutherans at all, except a handful of pietist ones. We are as hard a soil here as ?? japan

  6. I believe it. The U.S. isn’t all that different. Here it’s religious uses of the law. Or it’s social gospel uses of the law.

    We have every kind of imaginable Lutheran here. And some of them are free in Christ.

  7. For info, I have identified, from the website list on the left side, these 7 audio talks as not being downloadable (but so far I have only inspected 20% of them, down to the end of the As, ie Authentic Life!)

    1.My peace I give you
    2.On Being a Theologian of the Cross
    3. Twisting
    4. A Mighty Fortress
    5. Yeah but
    6. Advent (4)
    7. Ascension sunday – Breathing in God

    Still, I have downloaded a further 20 from the As (though not quite enough for our 2 week holiday!!!!!)

    Can’t believe you once had an evening class on Revelation and only 2 attended. We’d have come!

    • Thanks, Richard.

      I’ll try and get some ( at least) of those up on downloadable format.

      We’d love to have you come to the classes sometime. If you ever come to the States for a visit, you are welcome to stay with my wife and me.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • you are very kind. It was a light-hearted comment; I don’t even know where in the US the church is! But Mark’s preaching and teaching mean a lot to us and our sanity, as does your faithfulness and commitment to putting the Word out there. We might come over the pond one day! (We are working our way through Gerhard Forde books too!)

    • It’s tougher than I thought it would be to find them. In fact, I may not be able to find them because when I downloaded the audio from CD they (many) were given names (by the iTunes thingy) that had nothing to do with anything. And I didn’t know how to change them or was afraid to change them because I had tried that before and lost everything (somehow).

      Plus, my pea brain isn’t working all that well at the moment. I started a new job and it’s draining me physically (then I don’t think well, either).

      I did go and pull up some that maybe you haven’t heard. I’ll just make a new post titled, “Audio”.

      I will keep trying and keep you posted. I’m sorry, Richard. I wish I had had some young kid from the start to teach me how to do all this stuff.

      • please don’t concern yourself. We have a terrific treasure trove for our hols – tell Mark we plan to take 3 long ones per day for 14 days!! (and there are plenty in B-Z )

        May our God give you strength, and peace, for the new job. I know for myself that often what seems to be physical exhaustion is in fact (temporary) mental or emotional overload.

  8. Thank you, friend. I appreciate the encouragement.

    Mark will be pleased that you are being edified by the his sermon’s and classes. He’s out of town visiting his sick father (a retired Lutheran pastor himself).

    Have a wonderful holiday!

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