“Evangelicals and Depression: What Helps? What Hinders?”


This (post title) is the question asked by Glen Scrivener over at his bog, Christ The Truth (Glen’s blog)  


Below is the comment that I made regarding the question:

“Where I live, pretty much the only Christians that air radio programs (public airwaves) are the Evangelicals. I may be feeling fine and upbeat, but after I hear one of their “preachers” give a so-called “sermon”, I immediately become depressed. I usually find out what a backslider I am and then I receive a great big load of stuff placed upon my back, of things that I should, ought, or must be doing in order to be a ‘real Christian’.

Very little mention of what Christ has done for REAL sinners. And NEVER a mention of what Christ has done for me in my Baptism…or what He gives to me in His Supper.

I’d have been better off listening to the sports channel or the news.

Now that’s depressing.”


(needless to say, I don’t listen to them all that often…and when I do it’s usually for a few minutes, until I can’t take it anymore)




Thanks to Glen Scrivener.


And thanks to flickr and naturalhomecures34, for the photo.


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