Jesus wants you to….no…commands you to wash the feet of your neighbor.



Not literally (but maybe so).  He commands you to love.  To be in service to your neighbor.  To be selfless in that service.


“Well…I don’t want to. I don’t feel like it.”   No kidding.   I don’t much feel like doing it, myself.

And usually when I do make an attempt, I find that I am wishing that I were somewhere else,  doing something else, besides “loving” my neighbor. How’s that for a loving, selfless heart?


What does this mean for me?  For you?  That we so often refuse to do what Jesus commands us us?


It means that we must die. It means that He had to die. So that He could bear all our sin, and forgive us.


Maundy Thursday, the day that Jesus washed their feet and shared the Last Supper with them, reveals to us our great love of self and our great rebellion to the will of the Living God. It exposes us and reveals our great need of a Savior.


click > The Last Day of Jesus’ Life


Yes…it’s the same sermon by Pastor Mark that was up a day earlier. It deserves to be up for this post, as well. It deserves to be shared with those who maybe aren’t so familiar with what this story, His story, is all about. So pass it along, if you can. It’s another way to share His love and forgiveness with a neighbor, friend, family member, or enemy. (categories may overlap)


Thank you.



Thank you, Pastor Mark, for the sermon.


And thanks to flickr and jamesfischer, for the photo.



2 Responses

  1. I’m not sure there is a more humbling act than to wash the feet of another.

  2. I agree, Bill.

    There’s a word that so many of us could use…”humility”.

    Thank you, friend.

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