9 Things that Everybody Should ‘Give Up’ for Lent

May God grant us the wisdom to know ourselves; the courage to admit our sins; and the grace to receive God’s never failing mercy and forgiveness.”



1) COMPLAINING  –  there is much to be thankful for.


2) WORRY – there are things to be concerned about, but nothing to worry about.


3) DISCOURAGEMENT – God is for you, not against you.


4) BITTERNESS – it’s like poisoning yourself. How smart is that?


5) HATRED – forgive and watch your future come alive!


6) GOSSIPING – speak well of your neighbor, you might just see him/her return the favor. 


7) BLAMING – be part of the solution, not the problem.


8) STAYING AWAY FROM CHURCH – provide your family with a firm foundation of faith, learn about the message of God’s love from the Bible and share problems, make friends, and be renewed in hope and thank God for another week of life.  And it’s free!


…and the final thing to ‘Give Up’ during Lent? 


9) GIVING UP – hang in there!! Even with all it’s problems, life is a good and gracious gift!




by Pastor Mark Anderson of  Lutheran Church of the Master Corona del Mar, CA

     949 759-1031



9 Responses

  1. I’d forgotten about this list. It’s all law, of course, but good advice nonetheless, I think.

    • Indeed, Pastor.

      I think it’s more helpful, in the grand scheme of things, than giving up chocolate and ice cream (which I can’t seem to do very well, either).

  2. Thanks Steve and Pastor Mark for this! Concise yet meaty! I need a lot of reminding.

  3. Isn’t fasting meant for optional things that are otherwise permitted (or even beneficial) such as foods, drink, etc. and not for things that are forbidden such as gossip, bitterness, hatred, etc? In other words, are we to suggest to fast from gossip for 40 days and then resume the gossip after Lent?

  4. Right, Ryan,

    We ought not do those things at all.

    When we do, we ought repent.

  5. By focussing on Lent don’t we run the risk of bemoaning our pangs for caffein? Are we not as likely to make a big show of our indignant suffering as those who covered themselves in ash and sack cloth?
    I don’t like Lent. And the reason is simply this: It comes to an end! Christian life is about inwardly looking at the Mortification of our own sin with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the Scripture and the perseverance towards the Lord who died for the forgiveness of our sin and the final gift of our Sanctification. This is the Christian life. We do this that the Light of the Lord may shine brightly among our dead neighbours and relatives.
    If I see something in my life I need to give up during Lent… I pray for the strength to cut it from my life all together. How easily we idolise our morning cup of coffee. How often we buy those clothes we didn’t need so we could look nice. How many times do we gorge ourselves on chocolate? This is basic, basic stuff. In fact, I believe I’ve just pointed to 3 of the 7 deadly sins! well 2.5 lol.
    If you would like to see lent in your life in general, I can recommend reading ‘Overcoming Sin and Temptation.’ By John Owen. There is a very good modern translation done by some Americans.
    So to conclude… Can we start to CELEBRATE pentecost now please???

  6. Thanks, Tony.

    I look at it, Lent, as an opportunity to reexamine what it means to be a Christian. To look at my great need and then to focus, yet again, on our Savior.

    It’s a season in the church year…like the others, it serves a useful purpose.

    God bless you, friend.

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