The Reformation’s truly radical understanding of the Christian faith


This is an excerpt from Pastor Mark’s class this last Sunday.


Good stuff.  To any newcomers…hang onto your hat!


Listen > The radical nature of the reformer’s understanding 

(it’s only 16 minutes long)






Thanks, Pastor Mark.


Thanks to flickr and Jon Wu, for the photo.



One Response

  1. I went to bed, after listening to this class excerpt (again), and it sort of ate at me. I mean it’s (the pure gospel) like going up to someone who is locked up in chains, you are very excited because you found the keys to unlock them…(someone has just unlocked you and told you to look for others)…and when you attempt to do so, they read you the riot act. They are HAPPY being locked up. They are happy with having to accomplish such and such to be right with God, even though they sit there in their ‘cell’, shackled to the floor.

    It is amazing. Until you understand what is at the heart of man…and then it makes a little more sense.

    But when you encounter someone who says, ‘wow! great! unlock those chains and let’s get out of here!’ it makes it all worthwhile.

    And it does happen. Not too often. But it does happen, by the grace of God.

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