The Reformation. Looks like not too much stuck.

It’s been almost 500 years since Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany . 

They were huge, earth- shattering ideas then. 

But if you look around at the Protestant landscape in America today, it seems as if that great event (period) in the history of the world never happened.

I visit many Christian blog sites and I find scant freedom from the religious, spiritual ladder-climbing projects that Luther railed against. ‘ A little bit of me, and a lot of God’ is still the overwhelming mindset that inhabits the church in America, if not the world. Not to say that there are not churches and pastors and preachers that have heard the pure gospel and the freedom found within that liberating Word of truth and promise. They are there. Few and far between. But they do exist.

But most churches cannot help themselves when it comes to adding onto Christ and His pure gospel. ”You gotta have a Pope’. ‘You gotta make a decision’. ‘You gotta show you are serious’. ‘You gotta show some fruits.’ ‘You gotta have an inerrant Bible (text).’ ‘You gotta do this, you can’t do that.’

Well, we say no. All ‘you gotta have is Christ Jesus who forgives your sin’. 

We stand with Luther, who stood with Paul (and others), who believed that Christ, alone, is enough.  He is enough.

The first one on Luther’s list of 95 grievances was this; #1 “The entire life of the Christian is one of repentance.”  So much for our religious projects.

Maybe we’ll get it right during the next 500 years. But I don’t see many  signs of that happening. But with God, and His Word alone, all things are possible.