“You must become as these little ones…”


Children weren’t valued very much in Jesus’ time.

So then why does He want us to become like them?


 _                  click >  Become as children




Thank you, Pastor Mark.

And thanks to flickr and Lighttruth, for the photo.


4 Responses

  1. Always good… thanks for posting these, Steve!

  2. Thanks, Pat!

    Always good to hear from you, friend.

  3. So if children are so important to God, why is the “worship” hour designed in such a way that the children are not seen as able to benefit from it or contribute to it so they are sent to another room in a large percentage of churches?

  4. Our worship service is not designed to exclude children. They do get an additional sermon, that is tailored for little ones, and they do go to Sunday school in the middle of the service, but they certainly don’t have to.

    And if we could get their parents to come before the worship service, or stay after, for the kids to go to Sunday school, then we’d love to have them in the entire worship service.

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