The root of our objections to the complete and total grace of God (re-post)


A couple of times during the class Pastor Mark asked the question, “You still want to be a Lutheran?”



click >The root of the Old Adam’s resistance to unconditional grace

Thanks for the class, Pastor Mark.

And thanks to flickr and Michelle.oliveira82, for the photo.











6 Responses

  1. The biggest objection to this false doctrine is that its only taught by Paul, and Paul is just not credible. After all, pretty much all of his epistles are written for the purpose of defending his apostleship to his converts who saw him in the flesh. If even they could not stay convinced of his apsotleship, how can we after so many centuries? Peter and James didn’t have to write epistles defending their apostleship; why not? Probably because they weren’t teaching crazy doctrines like Paul was.

  2. Are you aware that those “crazy doctrines” are orthodox Christianity?

    St. Paul’s writings are all over the New Testament.

    They contain the gospel for the forgiveness of sins. That’s the kind of craziness that sinners like us really need.

  3. My old Adam keeps on kicking in! Thank you for this, Steve!

  4. Me too, Kebs. In this life we’ll always have that guy hanging around.

    But our Lord has finished him/her off at the cross. The battles may rage on, but the war is over.

    We have peace with God, in spite of our failings, because of the cross of Christ. And to put an exclamation point on that statement, our Lord has baptized us…into Himself…that we might have assurance that it is true.

    • Thanks for highlighting “into Himself,” baptized into Jesus! Weird and amazing, we are in a battle that has been won – I mean, we are going through something with the assurance of victory.

      Thanks, Steve! God bless you! Say hi to pastor Mark!

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