1 Minute Daily Word.com


My goal is to get up in the neighborhood of 4 million hits a day on



Pastor Mark  (it’s a mirror blog of his blog – link on site)  isn’t into numbers, and rightfully so, but I’d like to get 4 million people a day to read these Christ-centered daily devotionals, because the gospel is there. Christ is there.  And where the gospel is, faith can be born… or kept burning.

We are ‘well’ short of a million hits a day.  But we’re going to keep them coming as long as Pastor Mark will write them, and there are ears to hear (eyes to read).   More people are learning about them everyday.

So, send them to friends and family…and even the occasional enemy. And keep Romans 1:16 close to heart.


Thanks, and God bless you.




Thank you to Chris Yarzab, for his great photo.



One Response

  1. Ok…ok… 1 Minute D.W.com isn’t even close to 5,000 hits a day.

    Yet! 😀

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