They finally did it…

As a theologian of the cross, we take these things with a grain of salt…but we still take them…and enjoy them. I’ve been a King’s fan for over 40 years and this was a long time in coming.

It seems that way for believers, also. It seems as though the Kingdom (no pun intended) will never arrive. We have many losing seasons. Life doesn’t work out the way we had hoped. But in Christ Jesus the Victory is assured. He has done it. “It is finished”.

And when He raises us from the dead for the last time, the celebration won’t just last a few days culminating with a parade downtown…but it will last forever. We will finally be made whole and complete and live eternally in Heavenly bliss with the One who gave it to us as a free gift. Nothing to do but enjoy it (Him) and live in eternal gratitude and peace and joy.

Seems like a pipe-dream to many. Seems foolish to many.

That the LA Kings could win the Stanley Cup seemed that way, too.  And God wasn’t even involved with that. (maybe He was…just so the Devil(s) could be defeated…again  😀 )


Thanks to flickr and moodybg, for the photo.

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