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I’ve fallen a bit behind on some of the things I wanted to put up on this blog as of late. We recorded last Tues. evening’s ‘Life with God’ class that Pastor Mark is doing on Romans. The first part of the class recorded just fine, but the last half of the class had some very bad sound distortion. Why? Who knows. I’ll make an attempt to clean it up and possibly put up any of it that is salvagable. I’m in the process of moving, and with work and all I haven’t been able to devote as much time here as I like. But things should normalize within a couple of weeks.


There have been some really good posts put up lately at Pastor Mark’s blog, in case you haven’t been there in a  while http://www.lightofthemaster.com/apps/blog.


If any of you are in So. Cal. this weekend, you are invited to worship with us at 10 am on Sunday http://www.lightofthemaster.com/directions. Immediately following the worship service (May 20th, 2012) and before the start of the worship service for ‘Jesus’ Love Curch’, the Korean Lutheran congregation that shares our church building and campus with us, there will be a BBQ put on by both our congregations. The Koreans wll provide the main courses and LCM will provide the desserts, etc. It will be a lot of fun and LOTS of great food.




Thanks to flickr and ijinden, for the photo.







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  1. That get together after worship sounds like a blessed time. I would love to be there but unable to travel yet. You are in God’s peace my brother. Strive to live in that peace. †

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