“Jesus’ ministry as a teacher and as an example…was a failure.”


I told Pastor Mark that I thought this was a great sermon, and he said, “It was all Forde. It was all Gerhard Forde.”


click > Jesus’ ministry as a teacher and example…was a failure.



Thanks, Pastor Mark.
And thanks to flickr and Michelle.oliveira82, for the photo.


5 Responses

  1. Thank you, Pastor Mark, for this wonderful sermon. I have sent it to friends and family. Pray with me that they will hear it.
    Thank you, Steve, for sharing. Follow me on Twitter @Trudi4Truth

  2. Thanks, Trudi.

    I will pray for your family that they do hear that Word of law…and then that sweet Word of the gospel.

  3. Steve, I am never disappointed when I listen to your pastor. He is truly gifted to preach the grace of God. After listening to this I was reflecting on someone near and dear to my heart who was heard many times to refer to Jesus as the “new sheriff in town”. But as I “hear” the good news whenever I listen to Pastor Mark, I see Christ as the Divine Liberator. He helps me see the Kingdom of God as a kingdom of freemen. Such a different paradigm.
    Thanks, as always.

    • Mary,

      Thank you, Mary.

      It really is a different paradigm. Freedom is what it’s all about. Our freedom…purchased by Christ Jesus and given freely to us…and more importantly, God’s freedom to be God. And to freely excercise His will to save real sinners. The kind we know we are.

      • So well said, Steve. I like that…”God’s freedom to be God”. And that His “will is to save sinners”…”the kind we know we are”. You packed a bunch into that small paragraph. Happy Thursday, sir!!

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