‘The External Word’


Understanding the importance of the external Word is not just important…it is VERY IMPORTANT in understanding how the gospel is best appropriated so that the sinner (you and I) might have the assurance of our salvation.

Jesus thought it so important that he commanded these external means of grace for us, so that we would not be left unto ourselves and our own feelings, or our own whatevers of being saved.

The Word of God ONLY comes to us ‘externally’.  So it’s a good thing that we understand how to appropriate it in the way that it is given.

There are a couple of related topics (it’s all related) discussed in this fairly short class on ‘the external Word’, so tune in and enjoy the fun.  It may be fun…but it’s serious fun:


            click > The External Word




Thanks for teaching this class, Pastor Mark.

Thanks to all the participants in the class. And thank you, dear Old Adam visitor, for stopping by and passing along what you think might be helpful to someone else.

And thanks to flickr and jwinterscom, for the photo.



If you don’t have 30 minutes to listen to the class today, then take 1 minute  and go read this daily devotional:







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