How Humanism in the church after the Reformation has led to a denial of the Sacraments


The external Word.  The Sacraments.  Humanism and reason.  Luther at Heidelberg.


click How humanism has led to a theology of glory and a denial of the Sacraments


A very interesting class and discussion. The ‘Sweathogs’ in Pastor Mark’s class weren’t too disruptive this time.  Just a little , near the end of the class.




Thanks, Pastor Mark.
And thank you, Brent, for not asking too many questions.
Also, thanks to flickr and amras_de, for the photo.




2 Responses

  1. Yikes!
    I don’t think that your “job” as a preacher is a very comfortable one all the time, Pastor Mark!? To put people to death instead of giving them hope, security, and future just now and in this world – I suppose that this isn’t easy. But I do think that you’re doing a really great job by insisting on “The Theology of the Cross”.
    Humanism is such a tasty poison for man. You can see it actually everywhere around in science, politics, psychology and, unfortunately, throughout a lot of churches. It is a slow poison which initially looks quite promising to us but destroys us later. Because it’s an unbearable pressure for man to unlock his own potential. We can try whatever we want to, we’ll never learn to acquire self-esteem by our doing. We have a low self-esteem by our sinful nature. And if we don’t get it that we are unconditionally loved by Christ – what firstly can be seen in his death for our sins and later in the sacraments – then we ought to despair.
    Yes, we need an eschatological view which is not based on this earthly life. Bingo! Let’s die every day!

    “So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” (Psalm 90:12)

    Thanks a lot for posting this thought-provoking sermon, Steve.

  2. Good comments, Susanne.

    I’m sure Pastor would agree with conclusion that a preacher of the cross isn’t always a comfortable place to be. But what else is there (that reflects reality)?

    I think that there are so many today looking for a more ‘reasonable’ message of progression and ascendancy bears witness to your obsevations.

    Thanks, Susanne…very much.

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