Trading one flea infested mutt for another flea infested mutt

Martin Luther vs. Roman Catholicism (sorta) by Will S.


This episode from the White Horse Inn is well worth a listen:




click here > From-Protestantism-to-Roman-Catholicism


Words actually mean things.  Listen in and you’ll catch my drift.



Thanks to White-Horse-Inn-org, and thanks to flickr and Will S., for the photo.


2 Responses

  1. Good to hear this, Steve, on Reformation day. Luther’s work in speaking the eternal Gospel is still so entirely needed by us today.
    Let’s hope and pray some come to see and understand this.

    • Exactly right, Howard.

      I so desire folks to hear the eternal gospel. And I know you do, as well.

      So, we’ll throw that seed where we can, and pray, and trust that the Lord will bring His gospel to bear on those whom He wills.

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