Instructions for Holiness

People all over the place are telling me that the Bible has laid out instructions for our Holiness.

One guy says it’s all right there in Romans 12-15.


How about this for a list:


“…well…that’s no fun. You’ve just ripped the religion project right out of my hands!”



Biblicism stinks.



8 Responses

  1. I agree. I heard a big name pastor say this week that the bible in an instruction book on what to do to become holy. Sad

  2. Three hours ago my pastor said, “Christ died for the forgiveness of your sins. There are no angles (not angels), it is a free gift”.

    As Rod Rosendbladt says, “for that I will get out of bed on Sunday”.

  3. so powerful – my natural instinct is to give a formula or steps toward being holy rather than acknowledging that I already am.

  4. Formula is:
    A. See the life, death, and resurrection of Christ that came to us externally
    B. Go to A.
    C. Rejoice in A. Dont be the man. Rejoice in the man!

  5. Of course you can also follow the formula of this Church from an e-bulletin one church sent me: I want to get off their mailing list. I guess if were not over the top or unreasonable we are not “real” Christians

    — bulletin excerpt below
    Find out what it means to be an Unreasonable Christian…
    Webster’s dictionary defines unreasonable as: exceeding the bounds of reason or moderation. Unreasonable moves us from the safe and predictable, to the risky and unexpected. Unreasonable is extravagant. It’s over the top. It’s outside the box. It’s more than we could ever imagine. Join us this weekend as we celebrate a God who exceeds the bounds of reason and moderation and invites us to live extravagant, exhilarating, unreasonable lives.

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