‘Struggling with God’

Jacob Wrestling with God by Alain Austria

Got it all figured out? Resolved all the tensions in life and in your relationship with the Living God?

Do you want to hear the seven surefire steps you can take to resolve all the tensions and get your Christian life running on all cylinders?


#1 (you know Pastor Mark better than that  :D)



click here > Struggling with God 



 Thanks, Pastor Mark.

And thanks to flickr and Alain Austria, for the photo.





5 Responses

  1. such a great topic – if you don’t struggle with God, well, then you may need to ask yourself some questions.

  2. Hi ya, Charlie.

    I guess we all struggle. I don’t think there’s a one of us who is really on board with God’s program.

    I mean, He’s pretty much laid it all out for us and we just ignore most of that except for maybe once in a while when we feel like it.

    But the wonderful thing about God is that He wants us anyway. He loves us little jerks, anyway.

    What an awesome God we have.

    Thanks, Charlie. And congrats on the new job!

  3. thanks for sharing this steve. God’s Goodness and Mercy happen without our worthiness prayer or asking, even for all the wicked just as the small catechism says in the 1st article and the 4th petition.

    The Reformed believe this happens only in faith. So this all depends upon us! Nope.

    Even pagans know this is God’s Work and give thanks to God for it. But pagans (and many Christians,,,,) think they are God’s Little helpers in the sense that “the blessings are blocked” if they don’t ,importantly, participate.

    But Fatherly Divine Goodness and Mercy will just continue to spill out with or without our prayer, worthiness or goodness. Because God is Goodness and Mercy. Not because we are!

    It is not about us.

    The Law always accuses. The Gospel is alone faith in Christ apart from the Law in which there can be no accusation of the Law.

    it is not about us.

    Neither as to the Holy Spirit using the Law driving Goodness and Mercy out of our lawless hearts as Old Adam

    Nor in the Gospel, where the Holy Spirit writes the Law into our New Hearts that is alone Faith in Christ alone.

  4. Steve: I started being exposed to this kind of teaching about a year and a half ago after so many years of victorious living stuff. All the while struggling to understand why my own struggles with life, with the weakness in myself, failures to “overcome” didn’t go away. You cannot imagine how the truth expressed in this sermon has saved me from the insanity of my life. As the saying goes, “the flies are no longer buzzing in my head”. I am more and more at peace in it all because of a greater understanding and experience of God’s grace. Thanks for your work in posting this material and I hope you give my thanks to Pastor Mark for his faithful ministry. Ron H

  5. Thanks,Frank, thanks, Ron. I very much appreciate your comments that all revolve around a God who loves sinners.
    I’m at work and if I get caught using my blackberry I’ll be shot.
    Sometimes I’m tempted to get caught on purpose.

    Thanks, again, fellas.

    – Steve

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