Someone laid the “yeah, but…”…on me…


Entering the Cave by ninaksimon


That’s right. I was accussed of using the “yeah, but…” because my “yeah, but…” was used to defend the pure gospel of the forgiveness of sins through Christ…alone.

I may be a slow learner, but it is finally starting to dawn on me that many people just DO NOT WANT Christ alone, and will NEVER (I know, I should never say never) accept the life of “faith” on those terms.

Truth be told, I guess that I am one of those people, too, because I need to hear it (the pure gospel), and to receive it (the pure gospel in the Sacraments) over and over and over again, myself.

This is all strangely different from the folks who have made their ‘decision for Jesus’ and are now on their way upward and onward, isn’t it?

We do have the same Lord, but our view of the Christian faith is so radically different.


That’s it. Back to my cave.




Thanks to flickr and ninaksimon, for the photo.






11 Responses

  1. “For if out of your own free will you might avoid sin and do that which pleases God,what need would you have of Christ?.”
    ~Martin Luther

    (Hi, Steve.)

  2. It’s amazing Steve how we want to be our own lil’ Jesus… having our own part to play. Almost as if to say “Jesus, why don’t come down off of that cross and let me show you how to die for someone.” Or how about “Let me bear a nail scar for God’s cause.” Just one thing to “feel” like we are doing our part in the story of redemption.

  3. “many people just DO NOT WANT Christ alone” because they (well okay, *we*) are wired sinfully and want credit for something, anything— a teeny tiny decision even, or doing something good like going to church or getting baptized or whatever… Good point. [I’m not saying that these things are not important. They are! I’m just saying that we want to be important doing these things. And honestly, these things are God’s doings, especially when we step out of the way.]

    • “And honestly, these things are God’s doings, especially when we step out of the way.”

      You said it, Petra!

      Thanks for the reminder. I need to hear that, and hear it often.

  4. Every super hero needs a batcave! The christ alone cave is a good cave. I love Gal 2:14 where Paul was livid at how Peter was not acting “in truth with the line of the Gospel”. He was adding something to the finished work of Christ. Paul later on went on to say I hope the “Christ plussers” go so far as to cut off their dobbers… or … more scripturally …. to emasculate themselves!

    Like Paul it was something worth fighting for …. even when the person on the other side was an Apostle (Peter) that walked and was trained by Jesus personally.

    Sola Christus (in Christ Alone)!

  5. oops should read “in line with the truth of the Gospel”

  6. Hahaha! Aargh, get back in there Steve…

  7. LOL. I feel the same way after talking to people! That’s it. Back to my cave.

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