“Why even bother with Lutherans?” part two


Luther damaging the Wittenberg church door by Boldewyn








Here’s the second half of the mp3 audio:


click hereWhy bother with Lutherans class part 2




 Thanks to flickr and Boldewyn, for the photo.



3 Responses

  1. Steve,
    You Lutherans have a great message of freedom in Christ. From my perspective the LCMS guys I have listened to speak of the same things as Pastor Mark. Namely Rod Rosenbladt and James Nestingen. Continue putting these messages up. I listen to just about every single one of them.

    • And I listen to the God Whisperers Craig Donofrio and Bill Cwirla as well. Great program.

  2. We believe in many of the same things. But they have a few things that we (centerist Lutherans) don’t believe in.

    “3rd use of the law, inerrant text (we believe in the inerrant Word), closed Communion, etc.)

    James Nestingen is great (he was one of Pastor Mark’s prof’s in seminary), but he’s not an LCMS guy, he’s a centerist in the Forde mold.

    Late for work…Gotta run!

    Thanks, Mitchell.

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