The Bible Cruise with Pastor Mark

This is our 1st attempt.  sea lion by laylan1

 The resolution is a bit low because of the large file that needed to be uploaded to youtube, but it’s not bad. There are a few little glitches, but it’s a good start.

Thanks to Pastor Mark and to Jon Moyer ( )  who shot the video and did all the editing.

Fasten your life vest and enjoy the ride!   Give it a few minutes, it gets better as it goes..and there are some special guests near the end.


click here >  The Bible Cruise  





Thanks to flickr and  laylan1 for the photo.




5 Responses

  1. Wonderful cruise. It dumped all self-reliance overboard! Thank you!

  2. Thoughts anyone?

    • This message is pure Pelagianism. It’s the legacy of Charles Finney. I see no difference in the core message of CalveryChapel/Harvest theology and that of medieval Roman Catholocism. “God helps those who help themselves”. They pay lip service to Grace but it is really just religious humanism. Law or ‘self effort’ stands above Grace. This message is NOT of the reformation! It is so ironic that american ‘protestantism’ has nothing to do with the reformers like Luther.

  3. Thanks, Petra!

  4. And…thanks to you…too, Brent, for what you have shared with us.

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