Can God actually make one ‘alive’ in Baptism?

Yes, He can.  A baby is baptized aboard USS Boxer. by Official U.S. Navy Gallery

It’s ALL OVER the Bible.

God uses water to kill. And God uses water to save. Is that not what St. Paul is describing in chapter 6 of Romans? Is it the water, only? Heck NO ! His Word is attached to that water!

God gives the Holy Spirit in Baptism. He forgives sin. He grants you salvation. He gives you His name. He gives you His very Life.

He also does this in His Supper. They (the Sacraments) are pure gospel. Coming to us from outside of ourselves, so that we can be His without having to jump through any religious hoops of our own making.

This just runs against our reason and the desires of The Old Adam and Old Eve to be our own little gods. There are so many that despise the Sacraments. They view them as “religion”. Then attempt to justify themselves by what they say, think, feel, and do. Talk about “religion”! Sheesh!


PS- God does NOT need to have someone be a certain age before His power and grace will kick in. He is, after all, a REAL GOD!


3 Responses

  1. Have a blessed Christmas Steve!! You too Larry!!

  2. Thanks very much, Ike

    And thanks for the video!

    A blessed Christmas to you and the family.

    – Steve

  3. Great post Steve. I liked the video too Ike.

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