Despising Baptism.

Is ‘despise‘ the right word?  by Gregor Winter

If you don’t really believe anything actually happens in Baptism, then…why bother?

 “Because Jesus told us to do it. Because it’s all over the Bible. Because it’s “Christian tradition”? Because it seems like the right thing to do?”

Well… I think that the Scriptures are quite clear that something actually happens in Baptism, and I think that Jesus was NOT into empty religious ritual…‘just because’.

So then, what is going on in Baptism? Could God’s power and God’s grace and God’s Spirit actually be given to the person (what does the Bible say…over 12 years of age???)?

I think so. (maybe it’s over 8 years old???) (what does the Bible say about the right age?)

So…if we’d rather trust in OUR decison, or OUR acceptance of Jesus…then do we “despise” what God would do for us, in Baptism?

Do we war against God’s unmerited favor for us, before we can act on our own?

I think we do.