Off to receive what the world could never buy.

The forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation. The pure gospel. The body and blood of our Savior.Last Supper by Orchard Lake

I need it. Not just once (way back then), but regularly. Because I am a sinner. Because the world cares not about me. Because the devil and his minions would rip me away from my Savior. Because there is a battle going on. It rages on (whether we realize it, or not).

This IS my body. This IS my blood. Broken and shed FOR YOU!

This is not some silly rememberance of something we can’t even remember. This is not some pious exercise where we can see how much faith we can gin up.

This IS God coming to us. Forgiving us. Feeding us. Assuring us. Loving us. Giving us His very life.

Just bread and wine? I don’t believe so. There is much more…much more to it than that.




Quiz question of the day.

Who said this: “If you do not eat my body and drink my blood,  you have no life in you.”

A.  Martin Luther

B.  John Calvin

C. Jesus Christ

D. Rick Warren

E. Larry the Cable Guy 






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