You are not my child

You live in my house. You eat my food. You wear the clothes that I No One is Asking by B Talprovide for you. You enjoy all the benefits from being a member of my family.

But I have told you time and time again to keep your room clean, and you don’t. I have told you time and time again to take the trash out on Thursday night, and you don’t. I have told you time and time again to pick up after the dog goes, and you don’t.

So I really don’t consider you to be my son, anymore. I am telling you to leave my home. I don’t love you anymore.


Is that how it works with us?  Is that how our parents treated us?  Is that how we treat our children?



I removed the sentence about ‘Mr. Washer’ from the post.

It was not very charitable of me, and I was wrong to have it there to begin with.



10 Responses

  1. St Stephen,

    Or that is what life is like for his children? Never sure of his love for them when they mess up. I have seen it in families.

    Christ have mercy!

  2. Many continue to miss the point of the story of the Prodigal Son (better known as the Loving Father).

  3. I would like to add that my kids will still be my kids even if they chose to reject me and swear that I am not their father as well.

  4. Why don’t you give God the same credit, jeofurry?

  5. Xan,
    Who says I don’t. I have never said that God will disown one of His children. I haven’t said that His children can reject Him either.

  6. Right on, Alden! It is the prodigal father–“prodigal” meaning radically extravagent, over-the-top.

  7. When all God’s children get t heaven…do you think they will still be dancing with pointy sticks?

    • I don’t get it. Is analogous to the old adage about “running with scissors”?

      • Not really…it’s more about the Father is definitely “prodigal” meaning radically extravagant in grace…but, watch out for that brother!

  8. Alden,

    Spot on! A grossly commonly misnamed parable. In the end the elder son simply reveals he thought the same as the younger son, just expressed it differently and as such could not really see the kingdom of heaven (his father’s household) at all. It’s just like Jesus said, sinners and tax collectors will see the kingdom of heaven (of forgiveness) before the Pharisees, the highly moral that ANY of us would prefer live next door to us.

    The very bondage of the will lay in that parable and shown most accutely with the older brother.


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